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Working Border Collies are an integral part of our Farm. I have owned Border Collies since 1981 and cant imagine how I could manage without them. The breeding program features some of the best Bloodlines available, backed by their success in the trial field and more importantly - the success of stockman who use them.
  The goal is to raise tough dogs that can think on their own and have the ability to read and move stock with the least amount of stress. I have had many lines, but my 'Premium" and most successful started when I tapped into the "Kate" lines. She was a Daughter of Eldon Kopps' World Champion "Jeff". Dale Montgomery bought her as a pup, and together with her Kennel Mate "Huck" and son "Tim' .... they  were a force to be reckoned with on the Trial Circuit.  Wether it be on the field, arena trial or everyday working, Kate was always a favourite to watch. Power , confidence and amazing stock sense came easy to her.
  I consigned the high selling dog to the Agribition Stock Dog Sale two consecutive years. The first year there I also purchased an Import dog "Glen" to start an aggressive breeding program. "Glen" was an extremely powerful dog who needed to be promoted. After a year of Dale Montgomery training and Trialing Glen ... I traded him half interest for Kate.  She was 9 years old at the time and was in a good retirement home at my place. My best dog ever "Belle"  is a daughter of this mating,, and still used today at 11 years of age.
  In my search for a Stud dog for Belle .... an relatively unknown young dog had been referred to me. Norm Close's Joe was known for his keen stock sense and easy handling manor. We went ahead with the mating , and it seemed to be a click. I bred to Joe 5 times ..... The reports on the first pups always got stronger as they matured and started working. My second in command "Molly" is from their first litter.
   More recentley, I was watching a super tough, super smart dog that is one of the very popular dogs  in the industry. "Tex"  owned by Shauna Burton and Trialed by Dale Montgomery has competed both sides of the border in trials, but what impressed me was the comments on his Daily working ability.  Belle has been mated to him twice, and her Last litter produced ONE female pup "Gem"  who will be the future to carry on this line.
Interestingly enough, Tex is off of a daughter of Joe !
  I have sold pups into 5 provinces and many States. I fully gaurentee my dogs to work, and have not had one return yet !  Please check back to the site into the new year, as I am planning on adding pictures and comments on customers dogs and their breeding programs.
      "Border Collies ..... there will never be a day I am without one !"
Big Sky Stock Farm